The path of spiritual awakening, while unique for every individual, is also a shared experience across peoples and cultures through the ages. As such, it can be accessed through various spiritual traditions around the world. Such a tradition is enshrined in the devotional practices of the "Baul" mystics of Bengal, whose cultural edifice is erected upon the songs and melodies of the great Bengali sage, Fakir Lalon Shah.

Join us for an enlightening musical experience and spiritual discourse on the songs of mystic poet and "King of the Bauls", Fakir Lalon Shah. Explore the profound teachings embedded within a selected set of powerful devotional tunes. The event will be presented by Canada Arts Council sponsored folk singer and spiritual coach, Farhan Ahmed. The songs will be performed in Bengali with English translations, accompanied by a presentation on the following themes:


Motherhood is a complex beautiful dance. Where we came from, how we were raised and who we are now, all influence how we show up as mothers. This workshop is an invitation to reflect on you as a mother. What ideas and values influence you? Do you see and appreciate yourself? We want to create a space for you to let go of self judgements or societal ideas around motherhood that no longer serve you. We want to witness and honour you. Join us for a transformative journey into the depths of your inner world with a workshop centered around Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy. Led by experienced facilitators, this workshop offers a unique blend of therapeutic exploration and creative expression, to lighten your journey of motherhood.