Therapeutic Offerings

Emotional Healing & Well-Being 

Stress, anxiety, worry, anger, despair, may be impacting your psychological well-being. Although triggered by external events, these emotions persist through younger parts of yourself, that have internalized limiting beliefs and behaviours. The key to healing is bringing self-awareness to these wounded psychic parts, witnessing their stories and helping them release the burdens. The goal is to: 

Cultural and Family Burdens

Psychological trauma can sometimes be passed down from the cultures we belong to, manifesting within families and individuals across multiple generations. Such burdens are often imprinted in childhood, forming maladaptive behaviors and beliefs, that can negatively impacts one's personal, professional, social and family life. The goal is to:

Psychedelic Preparation & Integration

Psychedelics have immense therapeutic potential for mental health and well-being. However, for them to be truly effective, it is important to adequately prepare yourself beforehand and to consciously integrate the experience afterwards. The goal is to:

Note: We do not provide psychedelic medicines. This service is offered to those who plan to take them on their own, outside of sessions. 

Cannabis Dependency & Addiction

Cannabis has been found to have many medicinal properties. However, excessive and prolonged use can also lead to dependency. Cannabis addiction, however, doesn't cause a clear"rock bottom". Therefore, identifying dependency, comes down to the user. Long time users who wish to stop, may often find it difficult to do so. The goal is to: