Psychic Ecosystem Map

Unveiling Your Inner Landscape

A Psychic Ecosystem Map (PEM) is an interactive visual representation of one's mental universe. Based on the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy framework, it represents an individual's psyche as an ecosystem of various "parts". Each part is an aspect of one's personality, carrying their own emotions, beliefs, experiences and memories. As a visual representation of these psychic parts, the PEM provides a holistic view of inner psychological dynamics, customized to your own internal system. As such, it is a tool to tangibly operationalize your pursuit to "Know Thyself", to help your journey of self discovery.

The Benefits of PEM

Creating Your PEM

When you start working with the practitioners at Infinite Self, you will be guided into your mental universe, to connect with your inner parts, unveil their roles and understand their unique perspectives. As your therapeutic collaborations progress, you, and your practitioner, will both keep track of the various psychic parts that emerge, their stories, their memories and their inter-relationships. When there is a sense that a sufficient portion of the psychic system has been uncovered, the practitioner will let you know. They will then begin a process of presenting details of the psychic map to you, seeking your input on the accuracy of the information and incorporating your feedback as received, so as to ensure that you are in full agreement with how your map will look. With this information, we will produce your first PEM. 

If you are interested, please contact us for more information.