Psychic Ecosystem Map

Unveiling Your Inner Landscape

A Psychic Ecosystem Map (PEM) is an interactive visual representation of your mental universe. Based on Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, it represents your individual psyche as an ecosystem of "parts". Each part is an aspect of your personality, carrying their own emotions, beliefs, experiences and memories. As such, the PEM provides a holistic view of the inner psychological dynamics between your parts, helping you in your pursuit to "Know Thyself".

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Benefits of PEM

How to Create Your PEM?

Work With Us

When you start working with the practitioners at Infinite Self, you will be guided into your mental universe, to connect with your inner parts, unveil their roles and understand their unique perspectives. As therapeutic collaborations progress, you, and your practitioner, will keep track of the various psychic parts that emerge, their stories, their memories and their inter-relationships. When there is a sense that a great portion of the psychic system has been uncovered, the practitioner will inform you. They will present details of the psychic map to you and incorporate your feedback to ensure mutual agreement. With this, we will produce your first PEM. If you are interested, contact us for more information. 

Ask Your Therapist Or Practitioner 

If you have an existing relationship with an IFS practitioner/therapist (external to Infinite Self), we can also create your PEM in collaboration with them, using their input on the details of your psychic ecosystem. If you sense that a PEM might help you in your journey, ask your therapist/practitioner to contact us for more information, and we can begin working together.