Presence Holder and Hooman Lover

Hello and Woof! Even though I haven't met you, I love you. I also love long walks, running in forests, racing across fields, petting, ear massages and belly rubs. While I am excited to get to know you, I prefer to remain calm, quiet and peaceful so that we can both enjoy each other's presence in stillness. I would like to give you kisses on your hands and (if you let me) on your face. But if you don't want me to, I am perfectly happy to quietly sit next to you and ruminate. 

Although I am quiet by nature and mature for my age, I can also be silly and love to have fun. If you're down to play I am game. And if you have some treats to give me, I will do anything you ask me to! I will sit, lie down, bow, roll over and crawl, just to get that tasty treat in my mouth! I would love to smell you and get to know you. Contact my hoomans to meet me. ❤️ 

In-Person Meetings with Luna

Overcoming Dog Phobia

If you have a fear of dogs, you can meet Luna in a safe environment to work towards overcoming your fear. She has an extremely gentle and friendly presence, with a successful track record of helping many people over the years.

IFS Sessions

Luna can join us in an IFS session, bringing a grounding presence and an energetic lightness that can greatly ease the flow of healing. She is sensitive to energetic shifts, highly empathic and senses emotional needs, enriching sessions with her gentle presence.