Anna Mini Jos

IFS Practitioner

Thank you for being here. In this moment in time our paths briefly connect as you begin to read about me. I believe that this little meeting over words was meant to be. I am an IFS practitioner at Infinite Self and a Psychology Phd scholar at McGill University. As a practitioner I am here to walk with you on your healing journey. I offer a warm, gentle and compassionate space for all your parts - parts that might be burdened by limiting beliefs, feelings or energy, parts that are ashamed, or harsh or angry or even stubborn. I'd love to hold a safe space for the little things you love about yourself and the big things you find hard to share.

Alongside IFS, my practice is guided by the mind body connection that I've cultivated through Vipassana meditation. Other experiences informing my practice include a research background in cognitive psychology, social neuroscience and chronobiology. I completed my masters and undergraduate degrees from National University of Singapore and St. Stephens College Delhi. I offer therapy in English, Malayalam and Hindi.

If you're curious to know more about IFS or would like to schedule a session, don't hesitate to reach out. I'm happy to do a discovery call to discuss how our sessions would flow.